Saturday, November 17, 2007

The First One!

Hello all,

I've created this blog to share some random thoughts and cool tricks about functional programming (FP). Over the last year I progressively became a convert. Now I'd like to share my love for FP but also attempts to help those that start this journey.

I've worked for 14 years and most of these I was a devoted OO Developer, mostly in C++ and also in Obj-C. My increasing dissatisfaction was initially aimed at OO then I realized that the C++ implementation of object was also a big part of the issue. I loved the classic Design Pattern but the more I used patterns the more I realized that I spent most of my time coding support code for pattern instead of solving problem I was working on... Seeing the implementation of patterns in various languages (or the lack of since they were natively supported) increased my insatisfaction toward my "beloved C++".

At that point I started to do Generic Programming in C++, what some would call template hell. And I came to the realisation that it's not because you can do something that itis always a good idea to do it.

That's roughly the state of mind I was in when I stumble upon a copy of "On Lisp" by Paul Graham and within a few chapters I saw a new world open. From there I embarked on a journey to learn a new paradigm.

Being the first of my group of friends and coworkers to jump in FP I had to learn the "hard" way. Since then several of them have joined me in my interest and I try to help fast-track them as much as possible. Which is basically why I created this blog.

Although interested in programming language theory I am a software developer not a researcher. One of the problem I've encountered when I started was that a lot of information was available but more in an "academic" format.

It's cool to see new buzz words but what do they REALLY mean in the real world? That's also a little bit of what I hope to convey.

So at this point you may think: "Great yet another Lisp zealot! Exactly what we needed!!!" (sarcastically) ;)

But no I am not a Lisp zealot, I do not hate it but I came to FP to solves specific issues in the ways I see software beeing developed. I'd rather like to think that I'm an FP missionary lol.

Jean-Fran├žois Tremblay